About Us

Peace of mind isn't always simply "Letting Go." Peace of mind comes from clarity or closure. We are a team of highly skilled private investigators , and administrators who can help you investigate at your home’s comfort. Life can be unpredictable , honesty is hardly visible anywhere so let us explore the people in your life to provide you with the comfort in your mind.


Years of Experience

Welcome to Mole Patrol, LLC

We offer varied investigating services which includes an array of investigating limits. Our services are suitable for private and office purposes. We do basic social media investigating and also in depth criminal investigating. For commercial purposes we have asset and database investigating , which is essential before closing any deals and can provide your company a much needed leverage. Our pricing model is affordable and is aimed to make private investigating available to all. We know peace of mind is expensive to have in today’s world especially with all the catfishing but trying to get it shouldn’t pinch your pockets.

  • 99% success rate solving cases
  • Free consultation
  • 100% confidential
  • Expert surveillance agents
  • Affordable fees
  • Over 50 years experience